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IPNEXT® was founded by three partners in 2009. More than hundreds of patent applications had been represented by our team since our establishment. Those cases include domestic invention, utility model, design patent applications, and PCT international applications filed by foreign applicants. Invention patent applications entering China, PCT international applications filed by domestic applicants and patent applications entering the European and American stages, and dozens of trademark registration applications. Most of these applications have been granted or registered successfully.

Along with the rapid growth of our high technology industries, the intellectual property plays a significant role as the most important assets and commercial soft power for many large economic entities across the world.

Every skyscraper is built on the ground. As a most important asset, the intellectual property is created and accumulated by our people one day by another in almost every industry around the world. Without proper protection by laws to make the intellectual property right enforceable, the innovation will be slowed and the economic development will also be significantly changed.

In protecting intellectual property, the first step is to build up intellectual property. Without it, the owners can’t conduct commercial use of their intellectual property rights. In one aspect, the intellectual property are not constructed in one day. In another aspect, the effectiveness and efficiency of the intellecutal property system are operating based on laws and rules of its natural regulations including both the common and the discrepancy.

What's the next to the construction of IP? Commercialization of IP? Monetization of IP? While the construct IP is more or less an independent industry among the morden law service, the next to the IP is never an independent part apart from the other industry, hence the second step of protecting the intellectual property is always deepenly engaged with the other industries.

We do our best to meet our client’s demand. It is our job to enhance a good management of the IP portfolio for diverse market players, in order to build up a sound ground for economic growing, at the meanwhile, to strengthen the protection effect for both the natural and social environment in comply with the laws, rules and regulations, especially those for the intellectual property.

We also see the intellectual property as a bridge, a link, a connection of people, based on which it is first a protection and second a strong encouragement of our creativity, and therefore third a driving force for the innovation and the economy either for the local and the global cooperation.

To start your business in China, you always need to familiarize yourself with the policies and regulations of the local environment where your business is going to be planted. Deepening understanding of the people with different culture background is necessary ahead of comparison of the realistic practice. What prompts your achievement best will be your contribution in the long running.

We regard your business success in China as a professional responsibility and our mission.